Trainzco are trainers, assessors and consultants involved in civil infrastructure, health and safety and compliance. Jeremy Palmer is the director and founder of Trainzco Ltd.  

Since Trainzco's inception in 2008 we have assisted organisations with their management systems, training, assessment and compliance by: 

  • providing training on behalf of NZTA, InfraTrain, NZITO, Polytechnics and PTE's; 

  • writing training resources for InfraTrain and private companies;

  • being on InfraTrain's Industry Advisory Group (IAG) for civil infrastructure;

  • developing safe work procedures for new and introduced equipment; 

  • providing workplace assessment on behalf of InfraTrain, BCITO and NZITO; 

  • consulting on an individual basis designing management systems for:

  • Temporary Traffic Management, 
  • Quality Assurance, 
  • Health and Safety  

The objective of this website is to introduce our existing and potential clients our range of services and resources that they can view or download. Follow the navigation panel on the left side or the links at the top of pages. 




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